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While many people think of permaculture as gardening, that’s a lot like thinking of math as being about building bridges; permaculture is much more than just its most well-known gardening application, and this course is your opportunity to experience the full range of design possibilities applicable to your own property. Permaculture can be applied anywhere human beings exist, construct, or innovate systems, structures, shelter, or even industry.

You should not have to pay thousands of dollars to learn vital sustainable living and survival skills. This is the same 72-hour internationally-standard permaculture design course for which other schools charge $1000 - $2000.

We're giving you the very same course completely free! Once you complete the free course, you have the option to get the optional upgrade for the internationally-standard certification. The course itself is completely free.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this completely free online video course:

Natural building construction, the ultimate anecdote to industrialized (and polluted) communities
​Pattern observation and site analysis, which is where the true designer always begins
​​Renewable energy and appropriate technology, where you’ll finally understand how to harness nature’s abundance and potential for renewable energy
Reading the land and natural cycles to help you place your design elements in a synergistic proximity to one another.
Rainwater harvesting and conservation (save, filter, clean and use thousands of gallons of water fallen from the sky)

Soil regeneration and land restoration, to help you be a good steward of the earth and keep your permanent agriculture producing and renewing.
Passive and active solar design to harness one of the earth’s most powerful resources.
Food forests, trees, and garden design where natural form meets its ultimate function in your sustainable design.
Greywater considerations and system design
Business and financial permaculture
Waste recycling and treatment
Business and financial permaculture
Urban permaculture for sustainable cities
and much, much more!

Hi! I'm Vladislav Davidzon and I studied permaculture with Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture, in Australia. During the course he told his students to take permaculture out as widely as possible and as rapidly as possible, so I decided to do precisely that. I filmed several in-person courses and gave away the course online completely free.

When I released this free online permaculture course, I gave away for free a product that teachers in the United States charge ~$1500 per person. I disrupted their way of doing things here and as you can imagine, they weren't thrilled with that concept - and that's putting it mildly. They declared war on me, libeled and defamed me and my work, and did absolutely everything they possibly could think of doing in order to destroy my business.

Fortunately for you, they fundamentally failed to recognize my commitment and my willingness to accept virtually any consequence to achieve what I believe to be right. Make no mistake read more about it: I believe that this knowledge MUST be available to the public. It is morally repugnant that for 30+ years permaculture instructors talked about making this knowledge accessible but blatantly refused to do so because their own financial interests conflicted with their ideals.

They decisively lost. Today there are over 250,000+ people in 190+ countries who are learning how to live healthier, more sustainable and coherent lives as a result of my actions. I am extremely proud of what this achievement represents and I welcome you on-board. Together we're changing the world. The course is entirely free without any catch, and we also offer an entirely optional paid upgrade for the Permaculture Design Certificate at a fraction of the price charged by our competitors. The upgrade website includes additional video content and the opportunity to redesign your own property with permaculture in contact with one of our advisors.

Welcome on-board. Thank you for doing your part making the world a better place.

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